The most beautiful make-up of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy. Yves Saint Laurent


Impact contrasts by Deborah Milano


Fashion and beauty come together and invent a style that aims to seduction. The secret is to create a mix of ultra-feminine details and Garçonne: then, wear a white shirt and dress cut male as opposed to a makeup of appeal that plays with matte and gloss colors bright. They are the same as the new makeup collection by Deborah Milano, Dandy Glam: puts in contrast the sensuality of red and black with delicate nude, but also the modernity of gray and green and the timeless charm of the pink powder. On palette of eye shadows, there is a bas-relief depicting a chain: a touch of fashion to celebrate the partnership with home accessories and jewelry Braccialini, known brand in the fashion world for inspiration of  his creations.


Eyeshadow Palette: A palette that combines two eyeshadows that are differentiated by color but also for the finish, a mat and a metal, can be used in combination, mixed together, but also individually to create a play of light and shadow. Available in two variants: 01 Silver Charm, 02 Emerald Rose. € 12.00


Khol Kajal: ultranero, smokey eyes effect, irresistibly sexy, to make your look more intense and seductive. € 10.00.


Red Atomic Lacque: liquid lipstick for intense color and vibrant and sensual full lips. Ultra-bright and opaque, is available in two colors: Very Red 01, 02 Nude Rose. € 11.50.

Atomic Red Mat: lipstick from matt finish, drawing the accuracy mouth for a make-up of a dedicated ultra-chic and femininity. From scrivenza full and homogenous, and holding extraordinary, is available in two shades: Cherry Red 11, 12 powdery Rose. € 11.50.

Shine Tech Nail: extreme shine in two colors Limited Edition, 50 Nude Beige, 51 Metallic Red. € 7.80.

Tech Sense Nail 100% Mat: using sophisticated and glamorous senzabase coat, top coat, dry glaze. Two new shades, 07 Woody Green, 08 Dark Grey. € 7.80.


The essential beauty-case

What products do we really need? An expert makes the superessential list.

Her job is to remove the excess and enhance what already exists in the toiletry bag. She’s Raychel Wade, makeup consultant and these are her five rules for smart shopping.

  • In every season, change only the eye pencils. Choose them in trendy colors, are also eyeshadow.

  • Buy smart multifunction products or events: the same lipstick can go on lips, cheeks, eyes.

  • Buy in the fall or spring: changing collections and for beauty is time of discounts.

  • Buy on eBay products no longer on the market: find real gems.

  • If you buy a gloss choose it sticky: it lasts longer on the lips.

On her web-site  we can find all her philosophy:

“The most common complaint I hear from women is that they have too many cosmetics that they don’t know how to use effectively. With growing frustration in finding the perfect product, they are persuaded to buy makeup that they don’t need. As a result, women spend too much money on items they can get at a drugstore, and skimp on items that deservingly cost a little more. Drawers become filled to overflowing with products and women don’t have the heart to throw any of it away.

Cheek to Chic’s goal is to help women look their up-to-date best. Whether you are a busy businesswoman, a new mom, or a young woman, Cheek to Chic will help you get a handle on the overwhelming beauty industry. When all is said and done, make-up should be fun!”


Clio MakeUp: the interview!

“Clio make-up”, Clio’s book for Rizzoli


Actually when I thought of writing a blog about make-up, I knew very little about the world of cosmetics … so a friend of mine advised me to watch some tuotrials by ClioMakeUp, a girl who became a star on YouTube posting videos on makeup .

I started to follow her and day after day I learned many things. I am also passionate about her story and I became tried on her news on the web. So I came to the page on her official website, which there was her e-mail. I wrote to her just for fun, not hoping for an answer … it is instead just arrived! Then in another email I mentioned  my blog and I said that I would write an article about her and I might like to ask  some questions, a small interview.

She immediately accepted, with great elegance and kindness. This is the result 😉

Let’s start from the beginning!The classic question: How did the idea of becoming a makeup artist? How this passion was born?

 Clio: The idea of becoming a make-up artist was born a bit by chance. It was 2007 and I had just finished three years of video design course in Milan when my husband told me that he would like to study in Ny for a master.I liked that idea, beacause I did not want to stay in Italy and did not want to work in the video. Then the departure was the ideal .. but to what?? Makeup! I have always loved makeup and what cities’ to learn this craft if Ny ?!?!?! And so ‘that it all began ..
The cosmetics for me ‘has been a natural transition from my first passion: colors and abstract design



The Youtube channel has changed your life, I guess. Who or what have you been inspired to open it?

C: Yes, definitely my channel gave me the opportunity to grow and do a lot of interesting things. The idea of open it was born right here in America, while I was waiting for the start of my make-up courses and had lots of free time to pursue so I started buying books or search terms on the web. So I happened by chance on youtube where English and American girls taught how to wear makeup . I tried in Italian but there was nothing. So one week before attending my course, I started the first video tutorial in Italian, and talking with Claudio (my husband) seemed a good idea to keep a sort of diary to tell each new concept learned at school and share with the Italian girls.
Tell us about your past, your present and your future.
C: Just out of school I immediately started  to send mail around to do collaborations with photographers to build my portfolio. Simultaneously carried on my channel putting more and more ‘video.
Now I’m always here at the freelance Ny, collaborating with different photographers more or less fixed and meanwhile I always do my videos for youtube as well as working with a cosmetics company, Pupa.
For the future I always say “take what you will” that until this moment always gone well 🙂
Who are the icons of beauty that inspires you?
C: There are no real icons. I can tell very many magazines, I read both old and new books. I usually leave inspired by the colors more than the people.
Your job is to make a woman more beautiful, but what is beauty for you?
C: I do not think to make women more beautiful in the pure aesthetic sense of the word. I make them more confident, more serene, and already  this makes them feel more beautiful.
And now some beauty advices:
We’re late: 3 moves to be presentable at our date.
C: It always depends from their problems. If a girl has bad skin definitely one of the most important cosmetics is the foundation. But if a girl has beautiful skin even just a moisturizer illuminating. Then other things for me are the key blush, to give some more healthy air, the corrector to remove any shadow from her face and I would say, on a par, redefine the eyebrows (in my case are lacking but some girls have them perfect) and burrocacao for having always soft lips 🙂
A beauty mistake to avoid.
C:  I would use new products before an important date. Even the pencil that appears beautiful at first sight,  might drip at the peak!
Last question: Trends in makeup and colors for next fall.
C:  Trends always come back round and round with some little modifications 😉 This year we will find especially the purple and dark purple on the lips,  and the mythical red lipstick. We find green and purple eyes but also look natural with shades of brown.
We just have to thank again Clio and wish her the best! 🙂

How to get a make-up guru- Vol.II(Clio Zammatteo)

ClioMakeUp, aka Clio Zammatteo (Belluno, November 15, 1982) is an Italian make-up artist.


Born : November 15, 1982, Belluno

Nationality: Italian

Years active: 2008–present

Known for: Make up artistCosmetics

Internet information

Web alias: ClioMakeup

YouTube Channel:


Clio discovered her passion for colors and tricks from an early age, and growing increasingly cultivated her passion. Her youth took place largely between Italy and Germany. In Milan, in March 2006, attending the course of Video Design European Institute of Design, he met Claudio, who became his boyfriend and later her husband. After the final thesis at the IED, which occurred in May 2007, Clio banner left New York with her partner, where he studied Make-Up at MUD (Make-Up Designory).

The onset of Clio occurred after registration on Youtube and the creation of the channel ClioMakeUp, where she still gives vent to his creativity with make-up tutorials of all kinds, and soon became the “Queen of the Web” . Her current channel has thousands of hits per day and more than 300 tutorials. In October 2009, was published his first book that made further grow its success.

One of her last tutorial!

Despite being a very busy girl and now famous, Clio  has remained with his feet on the ground. She is very helpful and friendly and in fact soon be publishing the interview she gave me!
To know more then read on … 😉

Warning label!

Who wants to make a conscious choice to use in cosmetics has several tools that can be helpful. The most complete, simple and easily accessible is the label: by law, in fact, the label must bear a lot of useful information for consumers, who can make a safe and proper use of the product.

The information appearing on the cosmetic must be present directly on the container of cosmetic and, if present, the packaging (box) outside.

Among the information requirements, the most helpful for the consumer: the list of ingredients (which includes the possible indications of substances identified as potential allergens), the minimum durability date, known as PAO (period after opening) and warnings provided by law.

      Pao: applies to all products with a duration exceeding 30 months. The PAO (period after opening) tells us the number of months during which the product is preserved after being opened. In fact in the symbol of the can you’ll find a number with an M which indicates the number of months when you can use the product in peace.

Read the instructions: when a cosmetic has drawbacks or should be used in a precise manner must include precautions on the packaging. For example: Do not apply on the eyes. However, if those explanations require space, can be reported in a separate sheet. In this case you will find this symbol.

Organic certification: This symbol refers to one of the most popular organic certification for cosmeticsin Italy , Aiab-Icea. This symbol guarantees the respect of a negative list of prohibited substances, GMO-free and animal testing.


Not tested on animals: cruelty-free products. “Not Tested on Animals” means that the finished product has never been tested, but respects to the ingredients it means that they were not tested after a specific date (which varies from one manufacturer to another), called cut-off dates, which not so much to say that none of the ingredients has never been tested (it would be impossible), but is not increased vivisection. In practice, this means that the manufacturer will not buy more new ingredients from that date (in fact for any new ingredient you need to make new tests).

Ecolabel: is the trademark for products with low environmental impact. Considering all stages of product life.

Call for recycling: is an invitation to not disperse the packaging after use.

Makeup….without makeup!

How to create homemade cosmetics, preservative-free. They don’t  hurt!

Delicate facial cleanser

Ingredients: rice bran oil, essential oil of lavender or chamomile

How to do: in a sterilized container, preferably a dark glass bottle that protects the preparation from light, add grapeseed oil, add 5 drops of lavender essential oil, shake.

How to use: pour a little oil on a cotton and proceed as normal makeup remover, after passing the tonic

Wrinkle oil

Ingredients: Avocado oil 10g, Rose Hip Oil 10g, Grape seed oil30g, 4 drops of rose essential oil, frankincense essential oil 2 drops, 1 drop of rosemary essential oil, a teaspoon of tocopheryl acetate (it is that vitamin E you buy in pharmacy). Besides being an antioxidant for the skin, vitamin E oil helps not to go rancid.

How to do: pour into a sterilized bottle oils, essential oils and vitamin E, and then shake.

How to use: pay 10-15 drops in the palm of your hand, then gently massage the wet skin of the face. Each skin is different, but generally this oil is quite greasy and is therefore better spread it on the evening before going to bed. It ‘s important that the skin is wet, contact with the oil water creates a very soft emulsion.

Anti-cellulite oil shower orange and cinnamon

Ingredients: rice oil 50g, olive oil 20g, jojoba oil 20g, argan oil 10g, 5 drops of essential oil of bitter orange, 3 drops of cinnamon essential oil (one extracted from the leaves is less irritating). The idea is to add more than 5g of vegetable glycerin (can be bought in pharmacies) that improves the smoothness.

How to do: pour into a sterilized bottle and shake all ingredients

How to use: use in the shower like a soap, massaging the body well, rinse and pat dry with a towel. You eliminated shower gel and body lotion, plus you have the skin clean and soft as silk, while orange and cinnamon will stimulate circulation.

Soothing bath for irritated skin

Ingredients: rice starch, essential oil of chamomile, calendula herbal tea.

How to do: put a few drops of essential oil of chamomile in a handful of rice starch to dissolve in water bath, where even pour the marigold tea.

How to use: entering the water and let wrap  from the soothing  of  these ingredients. Good for the skin after a day in the sun and wind.

Hair Restructuring Lotion

Ingredients: jojoba oil, essential oil of rosemary.

How to do: in a little bottle of jojoba oil from 30g pour 3-5 drops of essential oil of rosemary.

How to use:  After shampooing, pour a few drops on the palm of your hand and rub wet hair insisting on his toes. It ‘important not to overdo the oil, the risk is to end up with greasy hair, a small amount instead makes the hair shiny, nourished and easier to put in the fold.

Vanilla lip butter

Ingredients: Wax 30g, 30g olive oil, shea butter to 35g, 15g of distilled water, 2-3 drops of essential oil of vanilla, old stick for lips cleaned with alcohol.

How to do: melted in a saucepan over very low heat oil, wax and shea butter. Remove from heat and add the essential oil, mix, in particular stick close and wait for cool down.

How to use: as a normal cocoa butter

Only for griffe addicted

They are “cult”  by most chic signatures. They are better  because it’s sufficient a piece to make status!

Cream passe-partout- Eight Hour Cream, Elizabeth Arden

Its benefits: It moisturizes, soothes the irritation and scarring blush and small wounds.

How much? € 40 in perfumery

Why buy it? Because it’s the cream of “to pass the word”,  the most popular to the mythical Red Door Spa in New York.

The lip balm– Le Baume pour Les Lèvres, La Mer.

Its benefits: It reduces dryness and has a concentrated anti-aging action.

How much? € 52 in perfumery

Why buy it? Because La Mer is the deluxe brand that makes the legend.

Serum anti frizzy hair– Frizz-Ease Serum, John Frieda Collection.

Its benefits: It removes wrinkles and it  system instantly curls subjected to rain or moisture

How much? € 13 in perfumery

Why buy it? Because it is the product created for the stars from Hollywood hair stylist.

The magic spell– Touche Eclat Collector Radiant Touch, YSL

Its benefits: It covers imperfections and illuminate the shadows.

How much? € 34 in perfumery

Why buy it? Because it is a “It product”, a beauty piece to use but also to exhibit. For fashion addicted.

Nail from catwalks– Le Vernis n.509, Chanel

Its benefits: It is a purple-gray that gives a chic dark effect.

How much? € 20, 50 in perfumery

Why buy it?  The colors of the Chanel nails  are always status. Put it and you you will be imitated.

Multi-purpose spray– Eau Florale, Sisley

Its benefits: It refreshes, moisturizes, clears stress and sets makeup.

How much? € 65,50 in perfumery

Why buy it?  To copy a secret make-up artists backstage of fashion shows.